Giant carpet tile 1 x 2 m, velour aspect,
for sports floor protection

Effex - 1005 Dark Grey
Reference : Effex - 1005 Dark Grey
Effex - 1005 Dark Grey
Effex - 1005 Dark Grey
Effex - 1005 Dark Grey
Effex - 1005 Dark Grey
Effex - 1005 Dark Grey

Fully Recycle


Fully Recycle

Fire Resistance


The EFFEX carpet tile enables a perfect protection of the floors of your sports halls or gyms by protecting them against impacts, stains, chair legs… Thus protected, your sports hall can accommodate any type of event such as concerts, shows, forums …

4 Colors

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  • 5 years guarantee
  • Restocking possible and easy (manufacturer)

Strong points

  • Effective protection of sports floors against damage (shocks, stains …)
  • White backing, unique on the market leaving no “black” mark on the sports floor
  • Self laying tile: no need for adhesive, leaves no trace of glue on the sports floor
  • Simple and easy installation: no need for experienced technicians
  • Quick installation: 4 people lay 800 m² in less than one hour
  • Better acoustics: noise absorption
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy maintenance (suction or water jet)
  • Aesthetics (possibility to define color zones, corridors, create patchwork effects …)
  • Storage in a small space and easy transportation thanks to the specially designed trolley (300 m² per trolley or 150 tiles)

Technicals features

Needlepunched textile, velour aspect
100% polypropylene
PLUS (polyolefin) white
6 mm
Fire proof
Fire classification Bfl-s1
Loose laid, self-laying tile

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